UNLIMITED Profits for Your Church or Ministry With our Christian T-shirt Fundraiser

Coming up with a way to raise funds for your church, organization or ministry can be challenging… and that’s where our church fundraising program can help you!

Our unique Christian T-shirt Fundraiser Program has allowed churches, ministries and mission groups to raise revenue to cover costs associated with their needs.

A t-shirt is something everyone enjoys wearing and being able to offer members of your church or community the opportunity to purchase Christian themed t-shirts is not only a great way to get “The Word” out, but it’s also a profitable one as well.

A message on an individual’s t-shirt will be read over 3,130 times. Flip those numbers around and just think of the 3,130 people in your community being exposed to positive biblical messages…

While prayer may have been taken out of the schools, my children so far have been able to expose Christian themed messages to other children (and teachers) when they wear their Christian tees too school. So far, they haven’t banned kids from wearing religious tees to school… yet!

And maybe now you can now understand why we’re so passionate about our Christian t-shirt fundraiser program. Not only can you raise money, but you can finally get the message of Jesus Christ out to more people in your community via “t-shirts”.

You wouldn’t believe the number of conversations amongst unbelievers that have been started with the strong (and soft) messages that appears on our t-shirts.

“One man offered to buy our Pastor’s Shirt right off his back, It was awesome…”

Hello, this is Kim, youth director at Miracle Mountain Baptist Church. I want to tell you all thanks for your wonderful customer service. I was so impressed with how you went above and beyond to get our shirts to us with such a short amount of time. I love how you kept me up to date on the progress of our order. I will not hesitate to use you again, I have already recommended you to many other youth pastors and friends.

We went to the Youth Evangelism Conference where tens of thousands of teens all go to praise and have a great time. Each group of kids wears the same shirts, You would not believe the compliments we got on these shirts! One man offered to buy our Pastor’s (shirt) right off his back, It was awesome.

Just to let you know a little about Miracle Mountain; we are 90% kids. We have around 50 children of all ages but our largest group is our teens. Our kids live hard, unstable lives. Most live in poverty, addiction and abuse. Its amazing to think that we have hunger in Cookeville (Tennessee).

We have Services and activities 4 days a week and always feed them while there with us. These Kids are the greatest; they are so excited and full of energy. When I passed out your shirts they lit up.

At Church the next day all of them had worn their shirts to school! What a witness! Again thank you and I’ll be looking forward to using your services again very soon.

Kim Williams, Youth Director
Miracle Mountain Baptist Church

Our Christian t-shirt fundraiser provides you with a large variety of t-shirt designs from which your buyers can choose from. With our program, you’re able to set your own pricing and take your profits from the sales immediately.

Each member of your fundraising team will be given a catalog and order form where potential buyers can choose from various t-shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt  designs.

A typical fundraiser lasts an average of 3 weeks. Anything less than this will typically end with your organization raising less funding.

Upon taking the order from customers, each fundraising member will collect the funds. At the end of the fundraiser, each member will turn in the order forms and money to the fundraiser coordinator (the person in charge of the fundraiser).

The fundraiser coordinator will tally up the orders and take their organization’s profit right off the top, while placing an order with the remaining monies.

Upon receipt of your order, we will process and print the orders for shipment. Our typical turnaround time for order completion is usually 2-3 weeks from the time we receive the order.

It’s possible your order will ship sooner, however, keep in mind I can’t give you a definitive time-frame because each order is different. Some organizations will order a few hundred shirts, whereas others may be placing an order for several thousand t-shirts.

All of our t-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk, heavy weight cotton. If you’d like to see the quality of our t-shirts for yourself, it’s suggested you request a free sample kit — which includes a sample t-shirt, a catalog and order form.

The FREE iPad mini or Kindle Fire HD is a great incentive to get others participating in the fundraiser… By giving the top prize away to the person who sold the most t-shirts, it’ll drastically boost sales. And these are yours FREE when you meet the minimums indicated above… Do whatever you like with them.


Leave your contact details below so we can send you a sample t-shirt in the mail along with a sample catalog and order form! Please include a valid phone number so we can confirm address before dropping sample package in the mail. These are expensive and want to ensure they’re being delivered to a real person. Your information will not be sold, shared or rented out.